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It’s a bird, It’s a plane…..no….nope wait….it’s just Kieran jumping over the ditch for the first time…..

Photo by Carissa Pasciuta

If only he had squared up his front end, this picture would be perfect!

Photo by Carissa Pasciuta

Kieran putting in zero effort :P

Photo by Carissa Pasciuta

Kieran looks cute and i’m just derpin’ 

Photo by Carissa Pasciuta

Kieran’s “lazy” trot :P

Photo taken by my lovely friend Carissa Pasciuta

My lovely friend Carissa Pasciuta came out to take some photos of Kieran and I schooling. Here are a few shots from today, more to come as she uploads, be sure to check out her  current webpage!

Changed the theme of my blog, what do you guys think? Had a friend of mine tag along and take some pics of Kieran and I x-country schooling today, so should have a few to share later tonight :)

Rainy August Afternoon X by EquusPhoto

I guess my horse is sorta cute :3

Rainy August Afternoon VII by EquusPhoto

I love how this one came out :)

Rainy August Afternoon VI by EquusPhoto

Gotta love the trail of drool….thank you clover -_-